a Jacksonville, Florida designer, artist, illustrator, creative director, surfer, fisherman, freediver, coach, father, educator...

Born in Key West Florida, I have the unique perspective of seeing things as only a “Conch” can. A love for the ocean and many of the activities that accompany having saltwater run through my veins comes with the territory. This relationship with the marine lifestyle has kept me close to the coast and water most of my life.

As a U.S. Navy EOD Diver and UXO contractor I was making the world safer one detonation at a time. During these tours of duty I had the fortunate opportunity to travel and live throughout the U.S. and in several different countries. Through these unique experiences I have met and worked along side characters only read about in books making for one of a kind occurrences I carry with me today.

When not designing or creating I spend much of my time coaching soccer, surfing, playing music or scouring the beaches for various artifacts. I have a vision, and that is to inspire, make a difference, and to solve unique creative challenges doing what I enjoy.