There is an intrinsic value in the human soul – this is the creative spirit. We connect to this spirit through creative thought and expression. This ability is in every human being and is used to solve problems, comprehend our connection to the human race, illuminate the unknown or for creative enjoyment.

As an artist I don't lend myself to the use of one certain medium. Self–exploration through the mediums and materials used is an essential part of the process in creating a piece of work. Having the capability to draw, paint, sculpt and print are the fundamental elements in the process of creating art. Allowing the materials to speak for the work of art is just as important as the image and feeling the viewer interprets in the final product.

There is no certain direction that I follow when creating art, at most, I try and let the knowledge of each piece speak for itself and hopefully lead me in new directions. There is constant change in life and my art relates directly to this statement, constantly evolving and transforming but leaving a lasting impression of a certain time in my life. Being able to capture these moments is essential for the process of reflection and creation of the new. For in modern art there are no boundaries, only limitations set by ourselves.


Mixed Media