At its core, design is about providing a plan to show the look, feel and functioning of an object. This tool of communication, through the arrangement of lines, shapes and patterns, exists to create an action or show purpose. This is the foundation for ones voice and image.

Whether it's for web, graphics or illustrations, any type of my design work stems from extensive research. This is the basis for comprehending the challenge which will lead to a more fundamental solution. By applying what is learned and with the use of colors, typography, form and structure the viewer can gain a clearer understanding through the design. The knowledge gained through this process can also be applied to future projects and is insurmountable to me as a designer.

I find that the architecture and organization of information and how it is presented is an extremely rewarding process. When it comes to designing web sites my primary focus is on usability and functionality for the viewer through best practice solutions. By utilizing web standards based practices, clean HTML/CSS code and the latest technologies I am able to provide a forward compatible site that is easy to maintain and will be around as browsers evolve.